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Beyond climate: where energy meets ESG

Last week I took part in a live webcast for the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment on the subject of energy markets and its intersection with ESG (environmental, social and governance) investing. Here is the presentation I made: [...]

21 November 2021|

Six more supplier failures so far this week

Six more energy supplier failures have been annouced this week. Monday saw the closure of Bluegreen Energy (which supplied around 5,900 domestic and a small number of non-domestic customers). On Tuesday four suppliers ceased trading: Zebra Power (around 14,800 [...]

03 November 2021|

An open letter to the energy regulator

Today Ofgem has written to suppliers to outline its response to current market conditions. It is difficult not to conclude that the regulator is inhabiting some strange alternative reality in which the usual rules of economics don’t apply – [...]

29 October 2021|
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