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A brief history of Christmas dinner

Last year’s Christmas blog, while definitely tongue in cheek, was a little bleak, and this year has been bleak enough without adding more, however light-hearted. So, I thought I’d explore a slightly different aspect of energy: traditional Christmas fuel for people! Turkeys in boots [...]

2022-12-24T07:57:57+00:0024 December 2022|Wider interest|4 Comments

Per Ardua ad Astra

Today is the 5th anniversary of my blog, and, in common with may of my readers, the past year has presented significant and unexpected challenges. And in common with a great many people, I suffered health problems last year for which I was unable [...]

2021-04-27T19:08:54+00:0027 April 2021|Wider interest|10 Comments

A-Z of 2020: a year to forget

Looking back over the year, I would normally write about the interesting developments in the energy markets, and what might be expected in the coming year (and indeed, I will be writing something along those lines in the next few days). But when thinking [...]

2020-12-31T06:26:52+00:0031 December 2020|Wider interest|2 Comments
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