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Electricity markets are transitioning from highly centralised systems dominated by large units of generation and a small number of large suppliers, to a more de-centralised, distributed system. Generation assets, particularly renewable sources of electricity, are increasingly connecting at the distribution level, alongside new and potentially disruptive technologies such as electric vehicles and storage.

At the same time, the market frameworks that drive asset economics are changing. New income streams are opening up, while regulatory change is reforming the way in which users pay for electricity infrastructure.

I help investors and operators to develop robust, future-proof business models for distributed energy resources including renewable generation, storage and demand-side response.

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Areas of focus

Strategy & Business

Advising on strategy and business development across the energy value chain

  • Securing routes to market for renewable generators
  • Developing co-location approaches for battery storage
  • Advising on demand-side response including on-site storage and generation, EV charging solutions and new energy technologies

Providing market intelligence including peer group analysis

Operational & Process

Supporting the operational processes for new business implementation

  • Process mapping for integration of new business or commercial arrangements
  • Building energy trading capabilities from pre-trade processes to settlements
  • Integration of new commercial contracts including management of asset data, and weather forecasting
  • Helping clients to understand electricity settlements processes


Supporting acquisitions and disposals of energy assets:

  • Analysing business models, reviewing cashflow projections, advising on strategic integration, and assisting with due diligence

Assisting clients in securing finance for new projects or acquisitions

  • Development of business plans and financial projections
  • Preparation of investor presentations and prospectuses


Helping clients to navigate a complex and changing regulatory environment

  • Supporting clients in understanding their regulatory obligations, particularly in relation to environmental measures
  • Assessing the impact of a changing regulatory landscape on income and cost models: how to manage regulatory risk and capture emerging opportunities

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