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A Christmas message

2020 has been a strange, horrible year, but one in which many of us have explored new ways of digital working. In that spirit, here is my slightly different Christmas blog (with thanks to my family for their artistic [...]

24 December 2020|

The strange, unfamiliar world of FES-2020

In July 2020, National Grid published its 2020 Future Energy Scenarios (“FES-2020”), its annual update on the four scenarios describing what it sees as the “credible pathways for the future of energy over the next thirty years.” They are [...]

10 December 2020|

Energy retail in a covid world

Many industries have been hit hard by the covid-19 crisis, including the energy sector, but energy supply businesses were in trouble even before the novel coronavirus struck. This year another five suppliers have disappeared - Tonik Energy, Gnergy and [...]

23 October 2020|


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