Evolving markets for flexibility

The rapid deployment of renewable generation, and its impact on the electricity system in terms of transmission capacity management, balancing intermittency and frequency control has triggered the need for an entirely new suite of flexibility products. At the same time, the opportunities to earn [...]

2019-06-18T22:45:20+00:0026 April 2019|Energy pricing, Networks|0 Comments

Significant network charging and network access reforms ahead – part II

Ofgem is exploring major changes to electricity network charging and access arrangements that will affect all users of the system from large businesses to households, from large transmission-connected to generation to behind-the-meter storage operators. In this second post on network charging and access reform, I [...]

2019-09-19T14:06:11+00:0030 January 2019|Energy policy, Energy pricing, Networks|0 Comments
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