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Key themes in the energy market for 2017

2017 could see further interesting and potentially dramatic changes to the UK energy market. In this post I explore some of the key themes for the coming year. # Creation of an Independent System Operator Throughout 2016 pressure was growing [...]

12 January 2017|

Creation of local energy markets

This week saw the launch of a £19 million 3-year local energy market pilot in Cornwall. The programme, developed by Centrica and co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund, comprises four elements: A virtual flexibility marketplace; A DSR platform [...]

08 December 2016|

Do we need an independent system operator?

Calls are growing for the UK electricity system to be managed by an independent system operator ("ISO") whose activities are separate from the ownership of the wires themselves. Such a change would require nationalisation of the system operation activities of [...]

07 November 2016|

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