I’ve been busy latey on some interesting client projects and a couple of reports which should be published shortly, but in the meantime, I’ve recorded several podcasts so far this year which are all linked below. From time to time I get requests to record my blogs as podcasts which is hard to find the time to do, but these podcasts cover many of the topics I write about on this blog, so hopefully will go some way to filling this gap. (If more people would like audio content, please let me know and I will consider again recording some of my blogs and speeches.)


Energy Security Cubed podcast

Canadian Global Affairs Institute Energy Security Cubed podcast

First up was my third outing with the Canadian Global Affairs Institute and its Energy Security Cubed podcast. The episode can be found here.

We discussed the impact of cold, still weather in winter in the context of high renewables penetration as both the UK and Alberta experienced cold snaps. Alberta had grid warnings as temperatures dropped and there were reduced imports from neighbouring provinces.

We also discuss the cost of renewables and the discredited LCOE approach to evaluating the cost of generation, as well as access to the critical minerals that will be needed for the energy transition.

Institute for Economic Affairs podcast

This was followed by my second outing with the Institure for Economic Affairs in London. The episode can be found here.

We covered a wide range of topics from the Energy Profits Levy and annual licencing rounds in the North Sea, to what should happen with Drax, and of course we cover the issue of windfarm costs and the fact they are not cheap and nor are costs falling, the failure of AR5 and the confused thinking over subsidies.

Also, the need for better nuclear regulation and a significant push for new large-scale reactors, with KEPCO being the most credible developer currenty delivering modern reactors.

Bloomberg Merryn Talks Money podcast

Bloomberg Merryn Talks Money podcast

This was followed by my first podcast with Bloomberg, appearing on Merryn Talks Money. The episode can be found here.

Merryn opened by asking me if net zero is possible or desirable! We discussed issues with the narrow focus on carbon dioxide implied by net zero, and the economic and social impact of the huge increases in mining that will be needed to deliver against these targets, and the need for a more holistic approach to sustainability.

We also discuss the challenges of renewables in the context of a lack of seasonal energy storage and why nuclear power is the answer.

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